I love word play, don’t you? If you’ve ever read the book “What every body is saying”, you should know our feet are the most honest parts of our body. Therefore, though Miss Feet is a misfit, she always follows her inner voice. 😜 I’m not here to say being a misfit is cooler. Nope, because there is no right or wrong answer in life, also there’s no good or bad choice. Some people choose to be ordinary, it’s safe; some choose to be different, it’s adventurous; some stuck in between, it’s balanced. Well, Every choice comes with a sacrifice, “follow your inner voice” simply means making the choice that you can live with the price the most. Does the way I think shape me into a misfit? Hahaha, so be it then!😁
Miss Mood Swing
Preserving my light
Me and my lone fight
Nobody’s life is easy
Frail? Never!
The band of cookie bros
Enchanted? (Goes wrong?)
Husky around

Inktober 2019